Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One of my favorite things...

You girls know how much I love my tea, right?
DH brought this in some time back and it has become one of my faves! What makes it really special is that I was planning on asking him for one for my next b-day! He read my mind- or 'my favorites'!

See..I didn't WANT to microwave my tea water- and I especially didn't want to heat up water for 6 kids in the microwave, one right after the other, right after the other, right after the other,...

And can you imagine trying to get them all to make the choice of drinking the same tea so I could just boil a pot of water on the stove?!?!!? (Hey! Look kids, here's some peppermint tea, want some or not!?)

Well, my nice little pot stops ALL the fuss!
Here's you a cup, and you a cup, and you a cup, and ....you wanna cup?

And - you know what else is really super neat about my li'l' teapot??
It whistles so I CAN'T burn the water!!!
Woo hoo!
I'm glad my dh reads my mind- or 'my favorites'!
And more importantly- I'm thankful to share hot tea with my favorite peeps on the planet, my kids!
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shopannies said...

love my teapot as well and because my mother and grandmother always had theirs at the ready

Joy said...

Oh I love your teapot! I need me one too! My mom used to have one that whistled! So neat!

Congrats on your teapot..You deserve it!

Organized Nutrition said...

My husband is the one that wants a tea kettle...LOL. and he doesn't drink tea! It is because his mother has always had one! I am TRYING to like tea, but it just isn't coming to me! Maybe a tea kettle will change that...LOL!

Donna said...

This tea pot was just $10 at Big Lots! Well worth it- and Denai- you COULD just pour the water up for HOT CHOCOLATE! ;-)