Wednesday, January 13, 2010


These steps lead to our basement. When our home was new, there were no rooms down there and these steps went straight down to concrete and a block wall!
We had a den, 2 bedrooms, and a bathroom built in downstairs and the kids began to travel up and down these steps quite often.
One day, they got into a bit of a hurry and down down down, went the almost 3 year old (at the time). Thankfully, he was closer to the bottom than the top when he fell!
Well, this little deal is what dh came up with to slow them down, and break a fall if they happened to trip up again.
None of them have fell all the way down anymore! :-)
They have fallen a time or two, but they were caught by these boards, which broke the fall, thus
no arms or legs were broke! (Whew!)
The one downfall- dragging groceries up from the garage through this is no fun- but hey- we can park at the front door and bring them in and skip the steps altogether!

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