Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So much sugar, so little time....Fudge

Just when I think that I'm going to back off some sugar- they beg me to make them this!
Those little sneaks even got on HERE and looked up the recipes and wrote them up and brought them to me in the kitchen! How could I say no after all that trouble?
If your kids know my kids, then you probably shouldn't tell your kids about my kids doing this, or they're liable to teach your kids how to do this to you! Just sayin'... :-)


Joy said...

LOL my kids and I just turned on the computer and Emillee and Bryer both said "Can you PLEASE make us some"! LOL

Donna said...


shopannies said...

this sounds delicious I make a pb fudge every year never have got the chocolate fudge quit right though

Donna said...

This choc. fudge is very easy and almost a no-fail! When I made this batch- I had to take it off the eye TWICE to go deal with being paged! -you know the page? "moooommmmmm!" ;-)

Cinnamon said...

Hi Donna~ Thank you for my blog award. Very kind of you~
I peeked over at your fudge. My girls love to make fudge. Your recipe looks easier than our easy recipe. We'll have to give it a try :-)


Donna said...

You are very welcome!

Hope U enjoy the fudge!