Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is the way I strain the whey, strain the whey, strain the whey... and stuff the celery

To get whey and a 'cream cheese'...I line my strainer with coffee filters and set it over a bowl like this, overnight. Here it's in the microwave! I use yogurt or buttermilk. This batch was buttermilk. ...It had lots of whey so I will have to set it over another bowl to drip.Look in the strainer! See the wet 'cheese'?
Here's the whey. It has a yellowish tint to it. If it's milky, you will want to restrain through coffee filters to get all the milky stuff out ;-).

Here's my finished "cheese'' that I love to use in stuffed celery!
I mix in a teaspoon or so of flax oil, some dill, and some chopped pecans. Sometimes I add a dash of salt if the cheese is not real sour.
Here's the blended stuffing!
Mmm yummy!
Whey is very nutritious! You can use it to do lacto fermentation- great fun!

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