Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another love- kamut- What a Flour!

Recently, I was blessed with a gift of kamut! Oh what a beautiful grain this is! Its light, very easy to work, and has a very mild flavor- sure to be a winner with even the pickiest of eaters! I made a batch of English Muffins with it...
Then some Chocolate Chip-Sweet Potato Muffins....

They loved the English Muffins sooo much that they begged me to make a double batch I made!
And you wouldn't believe how grumpy a few of them were to discover this morning- that they were all gone!
I don't know about you- but to me- that's a great compliment!!


Hannah.KamutInternational said...

Dear Donna!

Thank you for the great article. My name is Hannah I represent Kamut International. We love that you love KAMUT flour! If possible, we would like to post your blog article on our facebook page. If that is ok...Please let us know on facebook?


Donna said...

You are more than welcome to use the post!

Thank you for producing kamut!