Monday, March 15, 2010

Flowers for less?

Brandy has put up a new tab called Growing Flowers for Less!
Her thumbs must be as green as spring grass!

Last year, someone gave me some Iris bulbs which I was tickled to get. Seems someone was taking them out and wanted to plant something different and they couldn't use all of them- yah!

A couple of years ago, a neighbor thinned out her Tiger Lilies and gave me bunches of those. What a blessing!

Last year, I planted one Lilac Bush under my bedroom window. My hopes are that it will someday grow big and bloom and I can open my window to its perfume!

This year, I planted a small Lavender plant by the entrance into our garden. It already smells like heaven- but- you have to squat to smell it! I sure hope it grows big and tall!

Anyone else frugally working flowers into your yard and gardens?


Joy said...

I just love Brandy's site! It is amazing she is one amazing person!

I am trying to frugally plant flowers as well. Everything in our beds was either gave to us or we bought for cheap or planted seeds.
This year though I am going to try and plant flowers that repel certain pest for the garden. I have been reading up on organic gardening and well I need some flowers in my garden as well! :)

Robbie said...

Yes. Just about always we do it on the cheap. First, buy stuff that's for your zone/shade/sunlight. You waste money when you don't pay attention! We had good luck buying from local growers, because they know what works in our soils.
Also, we've bought at end of season,and we divide and share perennials in the office. (I think annuals are the biggest waste of time and effort!)

Donna said...

Sounds neat!
Wonder what will run off the squash bugs?

Great tips! Thank u!