Monday, March 8, 2010

Some of what stirred in my kitchen over the weekend...

Drying kefir grains:Peach Cobbler from Nourishing Traditions before baking:
After baking:.......out of this world yummy!
Soaking white beans, soaking peanuts, and chicken broth for the freezer.
Look how milky the chicken broth looks, so good!
Fried chicken legs:
And more fried chicken legs:
(fried in a mix of home-rendered lard and beef fat)
There's been a few other wacky things that stirred in my kitchen over the weekend, like kefir-peach smoothies. I almost didn't get that one down them, the kefir was strong.
I also got my sourdough culture from Friends of Carl and I'm trying to get it up and wild! ;-)
Saturday was a baking day. I baked 2 loaves of breakfast bread, muffins, and some oat bars.
(Looks like rain is coming this week, so there'll be lots more time for baking.)
Anyone else stay home cooking this weekend?


Joy said...

We worked all day on Saturday at my sisters new house. So I haven't gotten anything done.
Have to get lots done today! Are you kefir grains drying out well? I need to do the same!

That chicken broth looks heavenly..what all did you put in it? Did you find feet this time?

Donna said...

The grains are drying, but slowly. I rinsed them with filtered water first.

I put two whole carcases in the pot and several celery stalks and pepper, and that's it this time. I don't like my broth too seasoned because I never know how I'm going to use it.

No I couldn't find feet this time- I did ask :-)

They did accidently get a couple of bones in my beef fat so I was able to make a small pot of beef broth too!