Thursday, March 11, 2010

Turning your gardens yet?

I let my oldest go over our garden several times today while the rest of us spread some "winter compost" from our compost 'bucket' (trash can). Our neighbors also gave us their mulched leaves so we worked them into the ground too. I once knew some folks who would spread their garden with all the leaves they could find and then burn it, every year. I always thought that must be the secret to their great corn? They had the sweetest corn that I've ever eaten and it was always nice juicy! ...Gina, from HomeJoys, shares a tip on her blog where they line the rows with grass clippings to keep down weeds. We did that last year, and if you use enough, it works like a charm!

Anyone else know any easy and frugal garden tips?


Robbie said...

Do seeds instead of plant starts. Easy & cheap to grow from seed: lettuce, onion, carrots, beans.

When I pull something out, I plop an onion set in, just to keep the space in use and not be a haven for weeds.

Also, we invested in a very small ($1.50) bag of vermicompost last year as an experiment. THe seller encouraged us to dig a small hole and add an amount by the seed, rather than buy larger amounts and spread throughout the garden. So that's a consideration as well!

Robbie @ Going Green Mama (

Donna said...

Great tips!
Thank you so much!
Can you put vermicompost right in the same hole with the seed or alongside it?