Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Have garden impatience? me too!

I had to take a peek at the radishes the other day so I pulled up a hand-full! Aren't they cute? I chopped them up on our "haystacks" - and the other day I smuggle some in a stir fry! Beside them is a jar of the violet jelly. Its the prettiest color, but I added too much pectin and its so thick that you can't hardly spread it! But very tasty! You can taste the tartness of the lemon juice and the sweetness of the sugar, and there's a hint of something else, but its not wacky at all I don't think- but my older kids are quite skeptical of jelly from something they pulled from the yard- 'magine that!
Just wait til I try dandelions!


Joy said...

Oh yes I can't wait until my tomatoes come in and well I haven't even gotten to put them in the ground! They are my favorite. I will be glad when our garden is in so we won't have to go to the store so much!

Donna said...

I'm hoping the rain will cause these to plump on up so I can bring in a bundle of them and maybe ferment some! ;-)