Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strawberry Frothy....

Coming in from the garden tonight the kids were doing the "I'm hungry" "I'm thirsty" "what's for supper" "how much longer" and all the other things that I know you hear at your house too!

So- out comes the blender for a "make do til supper drink"!

I put in one box of strawberries after removing the tops. 1 1/2 cups plain yogurt, about 1/4 cup honey, and one quart of home-canned apple juice. I whirled it for several minutes until is was all bubbly, then tossed in a quart full of ice and whirled until the ice was fine and it had a nice froth on top. This made 8+ servings and was so refreshing!...and it held them over til I could get supper finished and on the table!


Joy said...

YUM!! Sounds very refreshing!
So glad we got some of those .99 strawberries today! Thanks so much for telling me about them!

Donna said...

You are very welcome!
This was a good treat to tide everyone over and wasn't real heavy like a smoothie would be- and the bubbly froth made it fun!