Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wanna see some of how this month's shopping went? day one of two:

Did you notice some of the prices of food seems to be sorta creeping up these days? I'm hoping its just because of Easter specials but things like onions were almost triple price! Ugh!

But- I searched to stretch my $$$ as far as possible and here's some of what I bought on the day one of my two-day shopping!

I bought 1 1/5 boxes of roasts.When I got them home, dh helped me "process" them for all sorts of meals. I will tell you more below.

I quickly tossed in about 10 pounds of chicken breasts to boil so I could dice up the meat for later on in the month.

These two boxes had chicken. I had about 20 pounds of fryer breasts, about 10 lbs of tenders, and about 10 to 15 pounds of quarters.
For one meal, here is some of the quarters in a Food Saver bag, seasoned and ready to dump in the crock or baking dish, for Spicy Dump Chicken.

With most of the tenders I made Laura's popcorn chicken for the freezer, for later in the month.
This will make for a quick and easy lunch, alongside some potato wedges, and a raw veggie.

Here is what one freezer looked like after day one. This has all meat.

Here's a partial list of what's here along with what we did with some of the roasts;
3 Food Saver bags of marinated sliced roast beef for Sandwiches (pics of these coming soon)
1pkg pre-seasoned beef for stew
1 Food Saver pkg pre-seasoned steaks sliced from the roasts for a "steak night"
2 bags pre-seasoned beef for stir fry (all I have to do is thaw and dump in the pan along with some veggies and serve with brown rice and fruit)
1 pkg of pre-seasoned steaks for dh (this will be for a night when kids and I pack a lunch and go play tennis, etc)
2pks of popcorn chicken
3pkgs of 4cups each diced cooked chicken (If I use this for supper, it will be 3 meals if I use it for lunch then I might get up to six meals.)
1pkg pre-seasoned chicken for stir fry
1pkg chicken tenders
1pkg pre-seasoned spicy dump chicken
2 meals worth of chicken quarters to fry
4 meals of roasts
1 roast for beef jerky
2 meals worth of chicken breasts for oven fried chicken
1 semi-boneless leg of lamb
2 Turkeys
1 meals worth of pollock
1 meals worth of salmon
2 meals worth of calf liver
1 bag of scallops
2 whole chickens
1pkg of ground beef
2 days worth of mini-burgers (shame on me- but I knew these would come in handy during these shopping days for something quick to eat)

In the spare fridge is several heads of cabbage (.29 Leo's), several quarters of butter ($1.50 Walmart), eggs, one gallon of what turned out to be free milk* and the organic milk just cost me $1.50-coupons- (buttermilk and yogurt coming up with these), and the extra ground beef and sausage will be for meatballs....just as soon as I get around to rolling them up!
Tomorrow.... the shopping will be on the "odds and ends" , fresh and frozen veggies, and cheeses.
Day Two coming up!
Once a Month Shopping, Works for Me Wednesday!
*Food Lion is running a special on Special K cereal- yeah, I know bad- but with six kids, sometimes if pays to have a back-up in the back of the pantry- and listen to the price ;=)

Special K was 2/$5.
If you buy 4 boxes, you get $5 off, which means you get four boxes at $1.25 each (even cheaper if you have other coupons)- then, on top of that, I got a print out for a free gallon of milk up to $4!
Sweet deal and I couldn't pass it up!


Joy said...

Great deals and wow you are an amazing woman who never ceases to amaze me!!!!

I will email you with some questions I know you just love that!


Donna said...

I always love your questions!
-just hope I have some answers hee hee.