Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chocolate Delight Birthday Cake...

One young-en of mine, looks an awful lot like his pa, but he takes his love of chocolate, back after me! :-)
So, I was not one bit surprised when he asked for a chocolate cake for his b-day.
But how could I dress it up and make it exciting?
More chocolate!
This is a simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting- but over the top, I drizzled melted almond bark, melted semi-sweet chocolate, grated very dark chocolate, and dotted with chocolate chips.
And the picture doesn't do it justice!
But, my little boy was drooling with excitement when he laid his eyes on it- and that's exactly what I was shooting for!


Josh said...

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Domestic Goddess said...

Now that's some chocolate cake!
I bet your son enjoyed it!