Friday, September 17, 2010

Book It! Free Pizza 4 Homeschool Kids!

These came in the mail this week. There are 24 coupons in all for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut- for kids! I signed them all up HERE, several weeks ago so it may take a little time to get them, unless they are just now mailing them out before their official start date in October?!
I can't believe they gave me so many of them- perhaps they saw my list of six children and thought "she deserves a break today at Pizza Hut"! ;-)
These are great incentives for kids to read more in their spare time.
Mine are already asking; "whatta we gotta do to get 'em?"
What a great treat from Pizza Hut!
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The Prudent Homemaker said...

Count them. I got exactly enough for my 3 oldest (which I makred as having 3 in the age range) to each earn one pizza per month.

My oldest is really excited. All of them want to know how many books they have to read to earn the piza, so I am going to look at the online book charts and see what goals we set. My oldest (8yo) wants to set a goal of 30 books a month!

Donna said...

I got 24 of them!

Those coupons are like paper gold around here!

30 books! Woo hoo- sounds like they're working great with your crew too!