Friday, September 10, 2010

Rendered Chicken Fat?

I've rendered lard before, and render beef fat almost monthly, and now- chicken fat!
I removed the skin from some chicken the other day- and I just couldn't resist!
I had to see if it would produce any fat.
It did!
First I put about a 1/4 inch of water in my saucepan, then the skins.
I heated it on low for several minutes and then turned it up to simmer.
You don't have to babysit the pot, but you do need to stir it every few minutes to make sure its not sticking- and the higher your heat, the more chance of sticking.
I simmered it for over an hour.
It produced a pretty yellow oil, which I strained.
Its very tasty and unique as it does not solidify at all at room temp, like lard and beef tallow.
After it cooled overnight, I discovered that it made a layer of gelatin at the bottom of the bowl, underneath the layer of oil. This would be the real deal; gelatin. Not a manufactured product.
Chicken fat is used in most chopped liver/liver pate recipes to cook the liver and onions in.
This would be great to fry any chicken or turkey in, or to use it to start a gravy.
I used this tonight to make this dish. It was very tasty and didn't have a strong chicken taste.....and no one knew it! ;-) Sneaky mom strikes again!
Yeah, real meat fat!
Not some hydrogenated fat from whatever a canola is! ;-)

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