Monday, December 27, 2010

This Year's "Birthday Cake for Jesus":

This is one, of several, of our Christmas Traditions. What would a Birthday be without a Birthday Cake???
It's all part of our celebration of the Birth of Our Lord.

This year, I had a request for our heirloom recipe for Coconut Cake....and since we had 6 pies, I decided that 2 cakes would not be necessary! ;-)

BTW, the candy decorations were bought last year on clearance after Christmas!

Here's a pic of the one from last year. They are usually different every year.


Joy said...

wow what a beautiful cake!! The kids said "WOW thats so pretty!"
hoping your holidays have been wonderful

Donna said...

Ah thank you Joy and EBC!

I must confess though--- I made the cake from scratch first as per the old recipe...and when I turned it out of the pan, it crumbled!

Lucky for me I had ONE box of yellow cake mix!!! :-)

Hope you guys are making some wonderful memories!

I have cooked another small turkey and ham, 2 more pumpkin pies....2 keep the celebration going!

Joy said...

wow sounds nice! we have played this week too and snacked around here! Have you found and good turkey prices? C loves her doll and piano!