Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coated Pretzel Sticks...

While I was cooking and getting things ready for our Christmas meal, I let the kids make this giant mess fix these yummy dipped and rolled pretzel sticks.

We dipped them in melted chocolate chips and almond bark.
They rolled them in- sprinkles, red and green sugar, coconut, and chopped nuts.

Once they 'set up', we stored them in a ziploc until time for sweets. We then set them, pretty side up, in Mason jars on the table.

Yummy 4 anytime of year!


Joy said...

We love these at our house and they are so much fun to make yours look wonderful and yummy!!

Donna said...

Thank U Joy!
The kids made everyone of them.

I may let them do it again during these (wonderful) snow days!