Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How do you shop til you drop?

I love to shop once a month- and get it over with! I do however set aside some of the budgeted grocery money to replenish milk, eggs, butter, and some produce...so I do have to run in and out of the store one or two more times through the month.....I like to save this run for our library days- 2 stores-1 trip!

But for the most part, outside of 1-2 days a month, doing once-a-month shopping, I don't spend more than 15 minutes in a store for weeks! ...and if you lived in my town and saw some of the freaks in the stores around here, you'd be happy to only spend minutes in the same place with them...I'm just kidding....well, I wish I was just kidding! ;-)    (*see my stories about Walmart for explanations, hee hee)

How about you?

Do you like to go once a week?
A couple of times a week?

Every other week?

Once or twice every 6 months?

Never cuz you eat out all the time? ;-)


Frugal in Florida said...

I 'try' to do a big trip (Costco) once every 3 weeks or so, then a fill in at the regular grocery store ... but of course, with stores on every corner for me, it's hard. I just have to put off as long as I can before going in ... this week, I've got 9 things on my list, 4 pizzas, 4 almonds, 1 jalepeno ... and only because all are on sale cheap and I have great coupons.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I do the same thing. One big trip and a few short trips during the month for the same thing you do. I hate coupons and all the time it takes and I mainly cook from scratch and buy my meat in bulk so I don't go to the actual grocery store that much.

Donna said...

lol @ the coupons! I understand that- I've got another one for olive oil burning a hole in my pocket!

Donna said...


It's so good to know I'm not the only one - some folks think I'm just crazy! :-)

Christina said...

I go through the flyers each week and match up my coupons. We make a meal plan based on what is on sale and i go once a week. I go early in the morning as that's when there is 50% off veggies/fruit and 30% off meat. We buy most of our meat whole and then cut it up ourselves.

Donna said...


50% off f&V? 30% off meat???
Tell me more!!!
Which store is this? And I'm in TN, reckon they do that anywhere here?