Friday, April 15, 2011

We Love Xylitol!

Girls- if you treat your family to xylitol, you must try this brand!

I got a sample from this company (in exchange, I get to tell you how much we liked, no no no, LOVED it!) .. and I couldn't believe how great it tasted! Its even better than a brand that we've been buying local- NO KIDDING!

Well, I thought it was just me- cuz I get all sappy over a free sample (don't tell me you don't too!)- so then I let my favorite (guinea pigs) kids try it out....just to see if they came to the same conclusion. What'd they say?!?! "Mom, this is WAY better than the other kind! Where did you get it? Can we get more?"

We also found it to be slightly sweeter (in the best possible way!) than the other kind AND the kids said it had a slightly different taste, 'almost like vanilla' is how they described it.

What? Some of you haven't heard of xylitol? Oh my! You MUST learn about this sweet treat! Must!!!

Let me lift some stuff from their site/email about it, then I'll tell you more about them.
Xylitol is a natural, low calorie, diabetic safe sweetener that tastes and looks like sugar. Use xylitol like you would table sugar (1 to 1 ratio) in your baking or sweetening drinks.

Benefits of Xylitol
• Does not contribute to weight gain

• Naturally balances the body’s pH

• Aids in the absorption of calcium
Xylitol is approved for use by:
• The U.S. Food and Drug Administration

• The World Health Organization’s Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives

• American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

• The European Union’s Scientific Committee for Food

• The California Dental Association

• Calorie Control Council and many others

Xylitol is exactly the same sweetness and consistency of table sugar, however it has 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbs. Due to it's 1 to 1 sweeteness comparison to sugar, it's an ideal replacement for sugar in virtually any recipe. It's certainly a great alternative to questionable artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Sucralose, and many others.

Xylitol is very well known in 2 areas - Dental and Diabetic. From the dental side it's well published and studied that if you consume 6 or more grams of Xylitol a day - preferably at a few different times throughout the day - you will prevent cavities. Xylitol creates an environment in the mouth where bacteria literally cannot grow. Sugar is quite the opposite - it's a fuel for bacteria to grow and therefore causes cavities. You will see that we manufacture things like Xylitol chewing gum, Xylitol lollipops, mints, candies etc - these are all great replacements for store bought products that use artificial sweeteners, and are ideal delivery devices for cavity prevention.

From the diabetic side - Xylitol is natures best kept secret. Xylitol metabolizes independent of insulin and scores a "7" on the glycemic index - for a comparison, sugar is "100". Diabetics are using Xylitol all the time and it's ideal.

I have been in the Xylitol product business for 10 years. Originally with a chewing gum company that uses only Xylitol to sweeten the chewing gum and similar products. To give you a no BS testimonial, I had 14 cavities from the day I was born through graduating from college. In the last 12 years since college - 0 cavities. My wife and kids use Xylitol products each and every day - no cavities.

From a cooking standpoint which is the topic du jour - Xylitol is just a great natural sugarless replacement for sugar. The 1 to 1 sweetness and same consistency makes it easy to work with and not a lot of thinking goes into it. There are a few recipes that can get tricky, but very few, and playing around with it will get you through those. Your readers will find this the most interesting and relevant I feel - the baking, cooking, food related option of using bulk Xylitol instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Now one thing to be aware of is that we are really the only mainstream USA true manufacturer of these types of products - so beware of Chinese imitations that are prevalent in the market. We use only USA hardwood to make the Xylitol - no corn - and we manufacture everything in Broomfield Colorado with USA ingredients only.

Now, about the company! EMERALD FOREST!

You won't BELIEVE the awesome products they sell!
Gum, lollipops, the xylitol (several kinds, packets, but what REALLY caught my eye was their dental care!
Xylitol is well-known for being a preventative for cavities - and to have it IN THE TOOTHPASTE sounds just perfect to me! And- gasp!- they EVEN have a dental rinse! Oh and chocolate! DARK chocolate! Be still my chocolate-loving heart!

Ok girls, you've heard his testimony, but let me tell you mine with my kids.
As I've told you before, we keep xylitol on our table in  an old parmesan container. The kids are supposed to get a "pinch" after meals and before brushing their teeth. When they don't do this, it shows up at the dentist! Not kidding. Also, on 2 separate occasions, we've had a "problem area" that I requested just be "watched". Using xylitol and making sure brushing and flossing was done- our problem areas were no longer problems- not once, but twice!

Yes, I'm going on, but I sincerely believe this product really helps with dental issues AND its a healthier alternative for fake sugars. And now, after personally sampling this brand- I'm hooked! You girls gotta try it!
It rocks! -in the sweetest way!!!

I've also been known to make my own mints with this sweet treat!
The company has generously offered you a discount coupon code! Type in FIRST for 10% off your order!


cristi.kitchens said...

Make sure you don't share anything with xylitol with your dogs!

Donna said...

Ah Thank U Cristi- I had read about that before, thanks for the reminder!