Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tales from My Backyard - Tour the yard

These are Balloon Flowers in the front yard and Tiger Lilies that were given to my by a neighbor when she needed to thin them. They multiply quickly! They usually bloom later in the summer.
I put rhubarb in 3 places. I tried it before in another part of the yard and it didn't make it.
The field on the other side of our fence is usually cut for hay, that's why it's so tall.
3 grapevines grow on the fence in front of the garden. 2 green and 1 red.
The garden is giving me turnip greens, romaine, and green onions right now! There's also tiger lilies in the corner and the neighbor has them running down her side of the fence. Pretty!
I have 6 blueberry bushes that actually have about a handful each of blueberries this year! Can't wait til they turn blue! They are loving the coffee grounds and splashes of vinegar!
This is my fruitless plum tree. So pretty- but fruitless! It had one tiny plum but it dropped.  :-(
Remember the pretty little orange flowers I showed you last year? Well, turns out they were Trumpet Honeysuckle! I'm letting it grow on the back fence but considering tearing it out and putting in more grapevines eventually.
Potatoes. I have 3 little rows of 3 different kinds. Red, purple, and gold. The potato beetles are terrorizing them right now. I hope I can fight them off but boy do they multiply quickly.
Closer shot of the grapevines. Can't wait to make them jelly!
This is a raspberry bush and hopefully you can see that I have a couple of the branches bent over and planted. I'm hoping to they will root and I can have more bushes! (Brandy taught me this!) I had 2 of these but one died this year, my guess is due to soooo much rain.
This is one of 2 blackberry bushes that I have. These do very well here (considering we have lots of clay); I'd like to put more in since they do so well. They both look like they will have enough fruit for a nice cobbler!
This is one of 2 sick, peach trees. They both have leaf curl but since treating, they are looking better but have dropped most of their fruit. I hope they'll get stronger this year and the fruit do better next. They are very pretty trees, almost tropical.
Here's a shot of what I call the "mini orchard". There are fruit trees in other parts of the yard but this is the majority. I have 2 kinds of pears, peaches, 4 kinds of apples, plum, 3 kinds of cherry, apricots, and one fig (I had 2, one hasn't come back this year).
Underneath these Tiger Lilies is Echinacea. I've planted more seeds and hope to have several more come up this year! They'll make a nice tea!
Here's the other blackberry bush at the side of the house. I pick and it keeps growing more! Gotta love a bush that'll do that!
 This is the ONLY cherry this year. My cherry trees have struggled. Something seems to like their leaves as much as I like their fruit! But I have high hopes they'll grow big and strong one day.
Wish my camera could show you a better pic of this deep purple flower. It looked like velvet.
These Iris grow in 2 places in the yard. They were also given to me by a neighbor who's relative had pulled them up. Love free flowers!    I've planted them under 2 of the bigger maples. We have maples and willows in the yard for shade and privacy...oh and climbing! ;-)


Joy said...

Beautiful pictures!! I loved the tour thanks for showing! You have quiet an amazing productive yard! Hope you all are well.

The Prudent Homemaker said...


It looks really nice! Your iris seem much bigger than last year! The grapes look fantastic! It looks like you should get quite a few this year.

I am trying to get a recipe up for stuffed grape leaves; it is time to make them and they are delicious!

My cherry is like yours. I had a FEW this year; it is not really a good place for cherries, but we enjoyed those we did get.

I think you should definitely try to get some more grapes and blackberries! You can take cuttings on the grapes; there is a link on my kitchen garden page (click on where it says grapes; it has pruning and how to start new ones. It's not as easy as willows, but it looks pretty simple).

Christina said...

Your garden is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Just found your blog and can't wait to read your gardening posts this year.

Have you thought about grafting onto the pretty plum that doesn't produce fruit? I've never done it but there are countless YouTube videos and it looks rather simple. It might allow you to keep the pretty tree with strong root stock and also get some other fruit varieties at the same time. Just an idea.

KK @ www.preppypinkcrocodile.com

Donna said...

That's a great idea Preppy! I had considered it with another tree, but hadn't even thought of it with that one! Thank you!