Saturday, June 25, 2011

Breakfast Tacos...

My Dh loved these, but I caught some of my kiddies scraping out the eggs and sneaking the syrup! ;-)
What a kid won't do for sugar!
But they did like them- they just wanted their cakes and syrup too!

The wraps are fluffy pancakes.
The filling is sauteed onions and peppers with diced turkey ham, scrambled up with eggs.
Top with a little cheese (I used mozzarella here) and a sprinkling of parsley and you've got a great breakfast or lunch treat!

Served here with a side of pineapples. My kids said, "Hey we have all the food groups in this meal!"

*Tip: Its a good idea to make up your pancakes first and stack them. I warmed my oven just a bit and tucked them in there while I cooked the rest and the eggs. It is important for the pancakes to get a little steamy so they don't break when you fold them!!!

Happy eating!


Family Balance Sheet said...

I love this idea. Looks yummy.

Donna said...

Thank you, FBS!

I suspect after my dh's response to them, they'll be on the menu often around here.