Monday, June 13, 2011

Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden...and compost talk

Books-a-Million often keeps a wicker basket in the floor in front of their coffee stand with free leftover grounds. My blueberry bushes are sooooo thankful for them!
You can also compost and/or work them into your garden.

We have a large trash can where all produce scraps, grounds, tea bags, and some paper goes.
(This was our solution to rats and 2 beagles named Hal and Missy.)
(No, don't bother getting up you two- I was just introducing you - but just stay there in the shade if you like.)

When its time to turn over an area in the garden, we spread the contents of the can.
For 2 to 3 days, it smells but then it breaks down very rapidly and makes for a happier garden!
We just did that with the above corn patch. 
The kids had planted it for me ...and done a not-so-good job :-)
Some rows only had 3 stalks come up, so we turned it over and worked in a whole can full of 
compost and scraps. Within 3 days the smell was gone and the dirt looked quite a bit richer. And now corn is growing much better in it! Along with sunflowers....


Ma said...

We are composting too. It actually serves to make me feel less guilty about throwing leftovers out!

What kind of paper is good to use?

Donna said...

Me too! :-)

Some types of egg cartons, non colored newsprint, etc...

BUT- I like to take black and white newsprint and line the garden rows and spread cut grass from the mower over. No weeds and it rots back down with no real mess.