Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pastillas de Leche....

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Pastillas de leche means 'milk pellet' or 'pellet of milk'.
It is a Filipino candy that's super easy to make and you can store them in a  candy dish at room temp for several days or refrigerate even longer.

The ingredients are basic pantry items;
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
2 cups of powdered milk (sift for a smoother texture)
and half a cup of sugar or powdered sugar
(I used powdered sugar, but most use regular white sugar.)
You simply blend the milk powder and condensed milk by hand, allow to sit for about five minutes.
Sprinkle the sugar on a piece of wax paper.
Knead slightly and roll out into a rope, cut into 'pellets' or pinch off and shape into balls or pellets.
Coat them with sugar.
Allow pieces to sit for a couple of minutes until they stiffen up.
Then wrap each piece in a small strip of waxed paper, twisting the ends.
There are several varieties of this, including one with fresh milk like this.
You can also flavor them with cocoa, vanilla, etc.
They aren't too sweet and have a great chewy texture.
These are a nice alternative to store-bought candy!

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