Friday, July 1, 2011

Frugal Field Day....

Welcome to Frugal Fridays!
If you're looking for some frugal fun for the Fourth of July, I think you might like this suggestion ;-)

I was going to try to post pictures in order and take you through a step by step, but Blogger wouldn't cooperate very well. So, here's a list of what we did on our super fun and frugal Field Day:

-sack races: (I used fabric that had been given to me from a former seamstress who probably had this stuff for 20 years, and it had gotten wet. I probably told you about that last year?)
-egg run: (boiled egg, on spoon, race to the end of the yard- if you drop your egg, you go back to the start line)
-Walton's Marco Polo (one person is blind folded and calls Marco, others take turns tapping him saying Polo until the blind-folded person actually taps one back)
-Paramedic Practice: one person lies on the sheet (the lightest) while the others carry him to the end of the yard to the "hospital", no running because you could fall on the patient!
-Fill'er Up!: A bowl of water is in the middle of everyone. All players get a spoon and a yogurt cup. The first to fill their cup with water wins. And then of course, this turns into a water fight! (Thanks Brandy 4 this idea!)
-3 legged Race: More of the scrap fabric was cut into strips to pair everyone up. The first pair to the other end of the fence wins!
-Scavenger Hunt: Everyone was handed a sack and a slip of paper with items to find in the yard. I listed things that grow in our yard. (maple leaf, dandelion green, sorrel, willow leaf, one sour grape, one blade of grass, one tiny stick, one tiny rock (no throwing), one clover,..)

The favored part of Field Day was the Obstacle Course. We had a different activity to do under 12 different fruit trees. The 8th? picture up shows the lay out of those trees. Here's a list of the activities around each of those trees:
1- Birdie 'round the Tree: badminton racket and birder are under tree. Must walk around the tree hitting or balancing birdie with racket.
2- Tie a Floral Ribbon Around the Little Fruit Tree: Strips of old floral fabric were under the tree. Each player had to tie one around the tree.
3. Love Tennis: Tennis racket and ball were under the tree. Player had to bounce or balance the ball with the racket while walking around the tree.
4. Dribble Around the Tree: A basket ball was under this tree. Each player had to dribble while circling the tree before going to the next.
5. Ring the Tree: A stake was set up about 5 to 7 feet away from the tree along with plastic rings. They had to get one ring on the stake before going to the next tree.
6. Shoe the Horse and Score a Tree: A stake was set up 5 to 7 feet from the tree and horseshoes were under the tree. They had to hook at least one horse shoe before going to the next tree.
7. Super Man's Booth: Dd's little pink princess tent was set up with a big bag full of hats, glasses, scarfs, jackets, and the like. Each player had to get in the tiny tent and put on a goofy get-up come out for all to see and go back in and take it off, before going to the next tree.
8. Box the Frisbee: A plastic bucket was set up about 7 feet from the tree and a frisbee was under the tree. The players had to get fly the frisbee into the bucket before going to the next tree.
9.Water Falls Around the Tree: 2 gallons of water and a bowl was under this tree. Each player had to pour water in the bowl, place the bowl on their head, and walk around the tree balancing the bowl before going to the next tree. (And yes, water-falls!)
10. Tree Ball: A ball and glove were under this tree. Each player had to toss and catch the ball 5 times while walking around the tree before going to the next tree.
11. Folly Volley: A volley ball had to be kicked, while the player walked around the tree one time before going to the next tree.
12. Ribbon Return: The floral ribbon had to be untied from tree #2 and tied on the last tree in order to complete the Obstacle Course- and everybody wins!

When all was done, they cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over our little homemade fire-pit from sticks they had to round up in the yard. :-) 
And- my kids did ask could we do this again EVERY DAY!

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