Friday, September 2, 2011

Special Giveaway and Promotion Code from My Memories Suite

My Memories has offered you and me a very special deal!
(This Works for Me Wednesday...but could be working for you by Saturday if you are the winner! This is also linked to Frugal Fridays because FREE is FRUGAL! Good luck! And be sure to look through this last week's posts where I've used this program ;-)

FOR YOU- first--a Giveaway!
They've offered one of my readers their amazing My Memories Suite which is an incredible digital scrapbooking software.(A $40 value!!!)  Click here for full product description.
FYI- My Memories Suite is rated #1 by Amazon and Top Ten Reviews for digital scrapbooking software.
This software is much more than just scrapbooking. While you can create scrapbooks and even have them printed to hard copy, you can also make DVD presentations with music, videos, cards, and even just dress up pictures.
FOR ME- I received a free copy of the My Memories Suite to try out so I can HONESTLY tell you how great it is! ---and it is! It's great! I can't believe all that you can do with just a few clicks!

(click to enlarge pics, notice the dimensional look-How do they do that stuff?!)

-they've offered a special code which provides a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the store - that's a $20 discount!
(Just for using the code!)
***If would like to purchase, here's the special promo code*** 

How easy is the program to use?
You must understand that I am nearly tech-y illiterate. My kids tell me that I am the reason adults shouldn't even have cell phones! (meanies!)
Well-just to show you how easy it is- here's a nice page my daughter did in about 5 minutes...That's her in the School House Rock-ing Chair ;-) And that would be her dog on the back of the chair making sure she's doing her homework!
I will be posting more about things you can do with My Memories Suite as well as some videos from their site.
This is truly the most frugal way to scrapbook!

Here's how to enter the giveaway:
1- Visit My Memories and tell me your favorite digital paper pack or layout in a comment below. You MUST do this first and you MUST leave me your name and email...because I can't promise you that I could make google cough it up! (Remember- tech-y illiterate!)
2- Would you like an extra entry? Follow My Memories on their blog, Facebook, or Twitter and leave me a second comment telling me which one that you followed.
3- Want a 3rd entry? Tell me your favorite post on my blog and leave me a comment. It can be about anything- food, home schooling, recipes, pets, or random.

This Giveaway will end on Friday, Sept. 2, 2011 at midnight. A winner will be announced Saturday, by noon.

 (Full Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this (and I love it!!!) and I also will earn some from any purchases that you make using the special promo code.)


MooMama said...

Oh, so many choices to look at! I think I like the Elegance Quick Pages the best because they look simple and easy to use.

I love the look you're getting with your photos using this software. :)

MooMama said...

I just started following the My Memories FB page as Moo Said the Mama's Urban Homestead. :)

MooMama said...

As for selecting a favorite post I have so many!

I love reading your Monday menu planning as it often gives me new ideas for meals for my family.

I also enjoy reading the recipes - again prompts some new meals here in our household. :)

I'd have to say my most favorite recent post is your sauces and gravies one -

Oh, and my name is Kari and my email address is kari at retroragswi dot com

I forgot to include it in my first two comments. (hope you can connect them?)

McKinsey said...

I love the coastal pack! Thanks for the giveaway:)


Joy said...

I love the at the cabin pack!! Im country like that! LOL :) Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

I also now follow the blog!

My favorite post of yours is "when frugal isn't fun anymore" because its so very true and helped me greatly! It was great knowing there are others out there that also sometimes feel the same way!

M & M said...

I think I like the boyish pack best.

M & M said...

I also follow you on blogger.

M & M said...

AS to favorite blog post...hard to decide but I was just quoting the blog post Once Upon a Time to my husband again the other day. Love it!

Noel said...

I love the You Make Me Smile! My husband always tells me he loves my smile. :)

Amber said...

Both of my boys started preschool this year, so I'm loving the Back 2 School and Ready for School packs. I'd love to be able to do some digital scrapbooking now that I have some "Mommy Time". Thanks!


Amber said...

I'm following My Memories on Facebook now.

Blogger said...

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