Friday, September 23, 2011

Mmm Carrots from the Garden-

Does your family like carrots?
I had the boys pull these last week and you wouldn't believe how good fresh carrots are! They are quite strong and we seldom can eat them raw but there are dozens of ways to cook them. 
(You can get more nutrition from cooking them anyway. See Nourishing Traditions or Wiki.)

Here are a few super easy ways that we like them:
Boil in water first then- 
-top with butter and dill
-sauteed in butter with real maple syrup
-sauteed in butter with sorghum(sometimes w/cinnamon)
-sauteed in butter with parsley
-sauteed in butter with honey and ginger
-sauteed in butter with honey (or brown sugar), orange zest and juice
-shredded in soups, cakes, muffins, and Mexican dishes.

Now- wonder if the okra has grown back....we love it in cornmeal and fried with green tomatoes! ;-)