Friday, October 21, 2011

Need Frugal or Free Birthday Ideas?

Brandy has put together a very lovely page full of ideas and tips for free and frugal birthdays.
As with everything she does, it is beautifully elegant!


Treasures Evermore said...

Will check it out...thank you!

Donna said...

You're most welcome!
Have a happy and blessed weekend!

Joy said...

This is a wonderful wonderful link! She really did a great job putting it together and so many different ideas and helps! Thank you so much for posting it! It was such a blessing and helped me so much! What ideas and suggestion do you have that would be helpful? I think you should do a post like it as well! Brandy has helped so many people with her website, she is such a blessing!

Donna said...

I agree, she did a fantastic job!

We do several things, as she does.
One thing we do that night at bedtime is re-tell their 'birth story' to speak. I remind them of how exciting it was for them to come into our home and how much we wanted them...different things about their personalities that were evident even when they were very young....and at prayer time, we thank God for that child, and also ask blessings from God on that child's next year and life.