Saturday, December 17, 2011

Denim Quilt

Here's a little something that I've been up to lately.....

This is my oldest son's Christmas present this year. I don't think he sneaks peeks here so I can show you :-)
His little sister cut the "K" out for the center and also designed the pattern of the squares. The denim is various shades, the back is white, and it's tied with red yarn.  On the back of a corner is a patch with his initials, the year, and "Mom". I bordered the top with the white back to finish it. 
I have a few more little things for him but I can't show you because of the little snoops that are getting something just like those. They are homemade items as well and I hope to get up some sneak peeks at those next week when they are playing....instead of snooping ;-)


Joy said...

Looks great! You did a wonderful job! I have been so busy around here I haven't had time to stop by your site! Im sorry! I hope you are almost finished with all your projects I just have a couple more to finish! Have a wonderful week!

Donna said...

Thank you Joy!

I've made LOTS of progress but still have several more things to get to.

May the Lord give speed to our hands!
Miss U guys!

Ma said...

How nice!

I wish I had the time...or the talent..or the do such a thing.

Donna said...

Oh now Ma- if you could sew a straight line- you could do this easy! The most time consuming part is the cutting of the squares, but I do have a plastic piece and a rotary cutter which makes it MUCH faster! :-)