Monday, December 19, 2011

Homemade Puppet Theater-

Attention: Mom's Frugal now on Youtube

My kiddies are going to LOVE this!

I was able to have Lowe's hold me a box, for free. It's a HUGE refrigerator box and I cut a cute little door in the back.
The fabric had been given to me years ago by my neighbor. I purchased some border paste to glue down the striped fabric for about $4.  Other than that- FREE!
I used yarn to string up all the curtains by poking holes in the side and tying.
I bought this set of puppets with my Swagbucks, although they were at a cheaper price. (I'm guessing the price is up right now so they can give quick shipping.)
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Joy said...

Such a great idea! I have been wanting a BIG box as well for my kids! They want to turn it into an inside playhouse. You did a WONDERFUL job sewing it and putting it together. Im sure they will have hours of fun with it.

Donna said...

If you decide to do one, call Lowe's in advance because they get orders in early in the morning and break down the boxes and throw them out. I left a message with the day shift to tell the early morning crew to hold me one :-)

I wish I had gotten a few more now!
For houses and tunnels and things.

When I was little, my parents got a bunch of them and we had a giant room we could play in. We put them together as a tunnel system and covered the connections with blankets so they were mostly dark. We even went so far as to hang plastic spiders in them to scare each other. :-)

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!

Donna said...

Thanks Momma of the BMCReport!

Gina said...

This is so cute! What a creative gift idea for hours of fun!

Donna said...

Thank you Gina. They have loved it- and my youngest loves to take his books in it to read when he's not playing with puppets ;-)

N. Fletchley said...
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N. Fletchley said...
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