Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rice Babies- bed warmers

I made these for Christmas, like I did our Bean Babies four years ago.
I used a pattern like a gingerbread man, cut them out on plain fabric, double stitched the edges so no rice grains can escape, turned them, filled with rice, stitched the turning and filling hole, and wrapped.
The kids are able to color them however they wish and at bedtime, they can be heated for 1 1/2 minutes in the microwave for a cozy bed warmer! 
Dh liked this idea so much that he requested one long rice bag for his neck and two small ones for his pockets so when he goes outside to check on the dogs through the winter, he can keep warm too! ;-)

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Joy said...

GREAT IDEA! I may do these as well for my kiddos some easy hand warmers and my parents too. These will work great in our van because our heat is out! It gets really cold in there too! When driving to church on Sunday which is 45 to 50 minutes away one way I could have really used one of these!

Donna said...

Oh boy- that van - bless your heart!
Will pray about that.

Make them BIG like pillows for that, maybe?