Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Locals, pay attention to Food Lion this week!- some local sale prices

Most of the time, Food Lion's prices can be beat, but every once in a while, they'll top all our local stores with their meat prices.

Here's what's on sale right now at Food Lion:
store brand shank hams and spiral hams are .99 per pound
Holly Farms chicken- thighs, legs, and split breast are .99 per pound
Holly Farms whole chickens- .99 per pound
chicken quarters are- .79 per pound

3lb onions $1
chicken quarters .69 per pound

bananas .44 lb
4lb bag oranges 1.49
pineapples  .99
grapefruits  .25
bottled water 2.49 (24 oz bottles*)
turkey bacon 2.29 12 oz

clementines 4.99 5lb box
cherries 2.99 lb
avocados $1
milk 2.79

50# potatoes 9.99
5lb grapefruit 1.99
tomatoes .89
Charmin Basic 12 roll 2-$10

*(When bottled water is that cheap, I like to buy a pack or two. One to keep in case of an emergency and one to keep in the van in case of an emergency or the kids get thirsty and we're out longer than I planned ;-)

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