Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ride 'em CowPup!

 When Abby grows up, she wants to be a Cow-Pup and that's why she barks at the horses and cows that try to live in peace across the street.

You know, if I didn't keep an eye out on these kids, it's un-telling what they'd do to this little pup!
...today a gun belt, tomorrow a pogo stick...


Joy said...

My children are LOVING this! That is way too cute they said all she needed now was a bandana! How sweet is that Abbie!!! She is precious!

Donna said...

Yes, this is her! She just lets these guys do whatever to her and is happy as she goes :-) My kids said the same thing after I put the picture up about a bandana....and a hat! Poor puppy!- who knows what they'll do to her today....while they're supposed to be doing homework! ;-)