Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Tornado Damage In Jackson County Tennessee

Dodson Branch, Jackson County, Tennessee

This hillside looked as if a giant hand had reached down and brushed down the trees. Chain saws can be heard for miles around and fires are everywhere, burning brush.

This picture upsets me more than anything else that I saw. Do you see the shiny object on the side of the house? You're looking at the mirror on their dresser. The tornado took out their wall. Frightening..... I was thankful to see the electric company out here on this road though- there's a chance of snow tonight. Those poor guys.

Trees lined both sides of this road but they're all down or just gone now.

The house on the hill is buried in trees and I'm not sure how much damage it sustained. The electric company wouldn't let us any further.
One is almost gutted while the other is off of it's foundation.       And btw, you can see our home from here. So scary.
The steel beams in the roof are twisted and bent. Amazing strength!

There were several people combing this yard, no doubt looking for their belongings. The back and side sustained lots of damage as did their porch.
Homes like this one are a miracle. Nearly every tree in the yard is snapped or uprooted, many on top of the homes, yet, the home stands.
Finally!- a close up of the boys that keep flying over. We luv our troops! The boys were all tickled to see them right here.
2 shots of this home and still I couldn't capture the truth....

This house seems pretty much unharmed but all the trees immediately behind it were combed over.
It looks like they cleaned this one up a bit, probably for the insurance company, but it appears it had trees on it and may have been rolled.
All 3 of these structures have damage to the roofs and every window is blown out of the home on the left.
This area looks stranger than I could capture. It is a little ravine of sorts and has high hills on either side, yet the trees have been combed down in this little valley and 2 days ago, this road was impassable. Oh, and- those houses down there are completely unharmed.
I'm not sure how this home has anything standing. Every window is out, the roof is gone, and it looks like the back wall is out. This also is the home in the other pictures that used to be surrounded by a canopy of trees. It is unrecognizable.

My heart breaks for these folks in our community and there's much more that we still could not get to.  Several of them had people donate RVs for them to stay in on their own property. 
Homeland Security and other organizations are still set up with water, food, paper products and more.
The electric company is working very hard on lines to get electricity back into these areas as well.
I truly couldn't capture the reality of it with pictures. Knowing what these areas looked like before, makes it more shocking too. There are still areas that we could not get to. (The police are trying to keep traffic at a minimum.)
It was all quite shocking and humbling.

The one thing I learned is- you can't always hear them coming. It wasn't raining and it wasn't hailing- it was all of the sudden, just there. My 16 year old said it was roaring some but I never heard it. 
We always think "there's time" but if this had hit full force on our home when we saw it- there was NO time.

2 Cor 6:2  (For he saith...behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.)
 James 4:14  Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

More pics here.

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