Monday, August 6, 2012

What does 100lbs of ground beef look like?

(I posted this on Facebook but thought some of you may not see it!)
What does 100 pounds of hamburger meat look like? Well- I didn't get a picture of the whole lot but below is about 40lbs.

Yes- I confess- I did something REALLY crazy this month and bought 100lbs of ground beef!

Why did I do this?
Well, I'm concerned that this may be my last 'big' shopping trip for a while for one.

Second- our local store that grinds their own beef- not regrinds what they're sent that's full of water (Leo's Market) ran this meat on sale for $2.49. ....I know- this is high compared ...BUT... Here was my thinking....roll with me.....;-)

The only cheaper meat was chicken thighs and legs at 1.19 (Kroger's) and in a few days .99 (Food Lion). It takes several pounds of those meats to feed my family, with the kids getting one piece of chicken and dh know how many our fellas can eat!

The cost per meal with chicken pieces is several bucks for meat. I have many recipes that I use with only 1 pound of ground beef and that price would be better than the chicken pieces.

So- here's the break down on the beef:
I brought it in, patted out about 225 patties, sectioned the rest up per meal, and all total, have approx. 70 meals divided out. That's about an average of $3.55 per meal...which will include hamburgers several times!

To sum it up, my youngest was looking at all of it and asked; "Mom, how long would all that meat last us?" I told him that if we ate one meal from it a day, it would last about 2 1/2 months!

Not bad methinks!


Deb said...

$2.49 is an amazing price for hamburger! We almost never see it for less than $3/lb here in NH. I'd have bought 100lbs at that price too!
What a blessing!

Donna said...

It's been a long time since I've seen it for this price- especially store ground! ...But yes- a HUGE blessing indeed! :)

Lindy said...

At homeland this week ground beef is $1.99/lb. It is going to be sold at 5lb packages $9.95. We live in oklahoma that is a good buy for us so I will buying me some more beef. You have to stock up when it is a good price.

Donna said...

What a great price these days!
Ground beef is so convenient for quick meals!