Sunday, December 2, 2012

We Went to The Farm for Christmas...

and guess who had to sit on Santa's lap first?
These 2 were clowns!-not Mr and Mrs. boys!

We love this place! The owners do this every year; inviting all who will come! Playing or singing carols, petting live animals, food and drinks, lights, and more!
They also give every car a tract with the Gospel printed out on it :)
"Okay, if my big brothers can sit on Santa's lap, I guess I can too."
and lastly, because the baby of the bunch would not talk to Santa:
"Okay Mom, get this over with!" 
The tree in the barn is so big, that it's actually decorated with children's cowboy hats!
Lights line the entire driveway up through the farm and then there are some like this in various places.
Dd will pet anything! I think I heard the man say that this lamb sheds like dogs rather than needing to be sheared.
This guy had a thing for one little boy's hot chocolate. He kept trying to get his nose in the cup.
Live Nativity
Shh- Comet and his pals are napping...
Love the covered wagon!...and those cute kids!


Joy said...

Where is this? I ALWAYS forget about it! Is it still going on? Would love to take my children! Love all your pics!

Donna said...

It's only one day of the year and usually within the first week of December. It's on the main road (Dodson Branch/136) on a big farm. It's a beautiful place!

(BTW, Mr. and Mrs. Claus let me pick up their drops one year of apples and pears. Guess Rudolph didn't need them :)