Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Boiling Springs" in Jackson County!

Here's a neat little place we found out here in our own county several weeks ago.

I hear the locals call it Boiling Springs since it is spring fed and really looks to be 'boiling' up from the middle of the pool of water. And boy is it cold!
This seems to be fed from the bubbling spring and several other places coming right from the mountain.

Like here! This seems to run out from the mountain.
It really looks like it's boiling!
There are mudding trails back through this area too. Some with very deep ruts! But it's so beautiful and densely green back in here you kinda wish it was all foot paths.

The water coming down from the spring is a beautiful green and feeds into the river that becomes Roaring River in Gainesboro.
This sandy, rocky area separates the spring feeding into the river from this creek/river which appears to come from the creek that we frequent, Blackburn, which runs off Cummins Mill Falls and all of this water feeds into Roaring River.
While we were there, several other people came and went. I imagine this is a very popular place in the heat of summer.
And on our way out, what should we see? A pack of wild turkeys and...

...a turkey vulture in a tree!
Psa 150:6  Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Beautiful! I love Tennessee.

Donna said...

Have you lived here before Gretchen? I was thinking you lived north.

Joy said...

Beautiful we would love to have a creek just like that in our backyard! Wouldn't that be so much fun!

Donna said...

I would never be heard from again if that were in my backyard :)

samantha h said...

Love the pictures!!! I second the above mentioned comment. If I had scenery like that in my back yard, I would never be seen from again!!!!! lol

Donna said...

Hi Sam!
Yes, the hardest thing about finding those places is- leaving them! Sniff, sniff :)