Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shameless Frugality- Ideas for Dental Care, When You Can't Afford It

Several months ago, my older two boys were able to give me a gift that will keep on giving.
Some of you, when I tell this will gasp and say; "I can't believe she's telling that!" But others, who have no dental insurance, will be grateful to know :)

We have a dental office in town that runs a program about 3 to 4 times a year. They bring in as many volunteer dentists as they can from all over the area. The one I saw was all the way from Kentucky!
These dentists, and assistants too, see about 300 patients on the days they do this- for free!
You can either get a cleaning, treatment on one tooth, or an extraction.

My boys waited in the rain through the night, to get a ticket for me so I could have a painful tooth fixed!
Aren't they the most awesome boys ever?!?!?
Yeah, I thought so too.

This wonderful event happens during the early part of the year here, but some of you should begin to look around your area because some places do this in the fall and early winter.

Look and call your local health departments, human services, and other places that provide various types of assistance to see if they know anything about future "dental clinics". If you find an office that does this, they can perhaps give you exact dates of their upcoming events.

Also, check to see if you have a dental school in your area. Some of them will also do work for free in exchange for you being a guinea pig.  
Well, I know that doesn't sound so nice, but- it's free and their teacher will be over-seeing your piggy-ness.
Locals, I've heard there is one up towards Nashville that does this.

Another place that often provides dental service is your local homeless/rescue mission/shelter. I believe ours only provides extractions, but in a worst-case-scenario that may be the only option.

Would love to hear more ideas if any of you have them!


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Nichole Mercado said...

Aww you have such sweet little boys. Which by the way is very grown up of them, they really gave your present a big thought. Anyhow, kudos to your town's dental organization for thinking of such a charity. Oral health is really important, not only for your over-all health but to boost your confidence as well. This only proves that you're doing a good job at being a mom.

Donna said...

Thank you Nichole!

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