Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Leftover Smoothies and other things

With the leftover orange juice smoothies, these 'pops' were made. 3 had whipped cream and the other 3 did not.
I never just throw out my leftover smoothies!
The 3 that you see with sticks are made from 2 different things as you can see by color. I had leftover blueberry juice that I drained off a can of blueberries from breakfast muffins (never just throw stuff away!), that was the bottoms of these and the tops were some peach-orange juice that I got for a clearance price of .94 a carton! (normally 2.99)
My kids, including my teenager, really love these pops! I nearly never buy fancy store-bought things like this so my kids think I have really invented something!

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