Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Peanut Butter Dip

My kids love apples simple cut up!

When my kids were babies and we went to the apple orchard they would eat an entire apple on the way home. Many people have been shocked at the way my kids would ask for and eat apples. I guess other kids would be asking for cookies or chips, I don't know, but mine do love apples.

This dip was made with equal parts of peanut butter and vanilla yogurt. I used a half a cup of each and stored the remainder in the fridge until the next use. You may want a smaller portion if your family is smaller than mine.

This is an excellent snack and perhaps a great breakfast when you are on the run.

Make it the night before a busy day along with sliced apples. You can toss the apples in a small amount of lemon juice and they will look just as fresh as they did when you sliced them!

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