Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quick Apple Fritters

My idea of a low-fat Apple Fritter! Very quick and easy! Use low-fat crescents(on sale and with a coupon of course), cooked apples (one can on sale or make your own!), and a square of white bark(melted) or powdered sugar with a spoon of milk-blended well. Separate crescents and lay flat on pan. Spoon apples on top and roll up the three corners, slightly. Bake as per can instructions. (Optional:Sprinkle with cinnamon.) Drizzle icing on top. (Tip: Put the icing in a baggie and barely snip the corner.)Bake on upper rack (3rd?). (TIP- place a piece of foil on lower rack to keep bottoms from browning too quickly.)Makes 8. (Cost was less than $2)

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