Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SIMMERING JARS-a frugal gift!

A PERFECT FRUGAL GIFT! On one side is a label wishing them a Merry Christmas and on the other is the directions; pour in a pot and simmer on the stove and return to the jar when cool; refrigerate. The jars were on sale at Hobby Lobby, they can also be bought at WalMart for a little more($1.97). The limes were bought for .10, the orange for .30, the lemon for 25, cloves (cheaply at Save-a-lot, forgot the price), cinnamon sticks (bought a whole bag for less than a $1 back in the summer, cheap at Save-a-lot too, maybe at health food store too) .10, fresh rosemary (that's a little pricey but you could use an herb of choice, perhaps one grown in your own kitchen!) .75, then covered in cold water. Each jar total about $3 for me. (*this idea came from another blogger originally(forgive me, I forgot which one), my DH added the label idea) TIP: to lower cost even more, use leftover food jars, such as marshmallow cream jars.