Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tea Time

Tea--just some of what is handy in my cabinet.

Tea is not just a drink, its a time out!

It has become a treat at my house with my kids too, especially my one and only daughter!

It is also a means of pampering the sick. As you may can see, there are several for colds and sore throats and the like. When one of my children are sick, tea becomes a special means of love and nurture that separates them from all the other children.

A mother was once asked which child she loved the most and she said, "That's easy, the one who needs me the most." Do you get the beauty of that answer? The child who needed her most become the singled-out focus of her love and attention, not that the others were neglected, just that the one in need was priority for a season.

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