Saturday, February 16, 2008

Leftover Spaghetti--sandwiches?!?!

What can you do with leftover spaghetti? Around here we put it on a sandwich!

These are so delicious, I could hardly wait to post about them!

We have an old Snackmaster Grill tucked away that I never use much, except when we have leftover spaghetti!

They're super easy and better than the spaghetti when it was fresh!

You simply heat the spaghetti for a couple of minutes in the micro, scoop onto a piece of bread, top with cheese(American, cheddar, whatever you like but you would be surprised how good a plain ole slice of American is!--I just used 1/2 a slice on these.), place on the other piece of bread, brush the outside of both pieces of bread lightly with butter, place in the grill, and within a minute or two---you have a gourmet sandwich!

(If you don't have a Snackmaster, you could grill these in a similar fashion as a grilled cheese. And of course, there are all types of 'leftover' possibilities with these sandwiches! ---Rotini, mac and cheese, beans and cheese, chicken casserole, etc.)



Tammy L said...

I bet my husband would love this! He loves sandwiches!! :)

Kim said...

Neat idea! I like to fry my leftover spaghetti to reheat it - just a bit of butter then heat in a frying pan - makes it different some how.

Donna said...

Did you girls ever try this?

Please post any variations -- I would love to see more ideas, especially for this Snackmaster.

Thanks for being a blessing to us all Tammy. Visit Tammy at www.tammysrecipes. com

Thanks for stopping by!

Niki said...

Hi, I am just reading some of your older posts and this one caught my eye. A friend of mine who is a nutritionist has a blog and recently posted on the issue of leftover spaghetti. I have not tried it yet but may next time there are noodles leftover.