Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It's been a busy week here in La-La Land!

We done our "once a month shopping trip". We are trying to go a little more healthy-again- so I had a bit more work to do on this one. But the fridge is stuffed, the deep-freeze is full, the cupboards are crammed and I am ready!

We also spent several hours at the Library and today was church day.

I have been a bit out of sorts!

I will be posting some new dishes that will be lower in fat, hope you all will like them and be inspired to try some of them.

So far, I have found many that are very quick and easy, that have been a blessing to me-- getting me out of the kitchen quicker! The longer I linger there.....ttt ttt folks know what I do...I get on the prowl for sugar!

So, let the fun begin! Pots and pans, here I come!

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