Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hamburger Soup with Amish Bread

This soup is one of our favorites.

I used my faithful 'leftover veggie bucket' from the freezer.

3/4 pound extra lean ground beef

1 to 2 onions, chopped

2 cans of pinto beans (or kidney beans)

1 can stewed tomatoes

2 cans of other veggies (or frozen mixed), as my bucket wasn't much full(in freezer for leftover veggies)

Seasonings (basil, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, beef bouillon cube, bay leave, dried onions, paprika, etc)and this time, I through in some TVP that I found in the health-food isle.*
You could also simply use a pack of dry onion soup mix.

The bread is Tammy's Amish bread- so good- a great recipe!

(I use at least half wheat!)

*I no longer use tvp. Trying to stay away from soy. You could replace that with bulgar.


Joy said...

Just wondering where did you find your TVP?
I also love the swirlys will have to try..althouth I myself am trying to stay away from bread..but still have to make it for the kiddos and hubby!

Donna said...

Just a note here:

I've STOPPED using TVP.
Seems its made mostly of soy and I'm no longer so sure that's such a great thing to eat very much of.
Read Nourishing Traditions for more on that one.

But if you are not worried about tvp/ can usually find it at Kroger in the health food section where flax, gluten, etc are sold in those one pound bags.

Arden said...

Great picture. I love Tammy's bread but I have recently rediscovered Cuban bread from the old Tightwad Gazette. Quick, easy and the kids love the crunchy crust.

Donna said...

Sounds yummy!
Is it like Crusty White Bread???