Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Frugal Lunch with Leftover Beans

Quesadillas stuffed with onions, diced turkey ham, and cheese and leftover pinto beans served with salsa! My kind of lunch!



.75 worth of diced turkey ham

pennies for chopped onions

$1 worth of cheese

$1 worth of tortillas

leftover beans and salsa=pennies

Sounds pretty frugal, huh?

Dessert was Potato Candy:

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Niki said...

I just bought pinto beans yesterday. I have never had these and just starting to use different grains and beans. I will be trying some of your bean recipes because you seem to know exactly what you are doing and they look so delicious. Thanks for the kind words on staying home. Although I know it is the right thing to do sometimes it is still scary.