Tuesday, May 20, 2008


..... I've got, so much to thank Him for, I've got- so much (sing along with me if you know the words) to praise Him for -Well you see, He has been so good to me....
I truly have much to be thankful for this week.
The one thing I want to share with you this week is ...sorta...well, .....we just gotta keep it quiet..between us gals/moms! I wouldn't want to embarrass my youngens(and they usually don't look at my blog unless I am showing them something) ....but one of them made a very firm and strong 'act' towards the Lord twice in the past couple of weeks. I was so amazed and thankful and yes, a little proud--but of him! All of my children have prayed for salvation and a couple of them are -how can I say this- pretty open about the Lord. This particular one is a bit quiet, so this was a VERY precious thing to see. (I would love to share more with you, but I know you all know how he would feel, even a year from now, so for the sake of his faith and his trust in me.....I won't tell all and if he reads this next week, he'll likely say; "which one of us is she talking about?";-)
It is so joyful to see your child make an 'act' towards God without prompting. That my dears, is fruit! Precious it is!
Philemon 4:17 .... but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.
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Oh, one more thing I'm grateful for....Laura, I was finally able to sign up for your Newsletter by using a yahoo account! Yippee! The confirmation email just wouldn't come through my regular addy, but thank you so much for your willingness to try to help me. You're a blessing!

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Laura said...

Yes...it is so wonderful when our kids show their faith and understanding of Jesus. Thanks for sharing it with us!

And...I'm glad you were able to get the newsletter thing figured out! Sorry it was so silly!