Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This week I am grateful for so many things! As I have read of the tragedy in Laura's family, its made me more grateful for the lack of tragedy in my own. Please pray for Laura, the host of Gratituesday, and her family as they deal with loss and grief.

Two specific things I would like to share are;

1) Several weeks ago, I was having a No Good Terrible Bad Day! I couldn't get the four big boys to stop talking long enough to get their work done. ...My DD was complaining through EVERY step of homework- "Do we have to? Can I just do one page? How come he don't have to...? Why..?" I was tired of being Miss Patient Mom, giving the 'its wrong to grumble and complain' speech and I finally said, "If you continue to disobey by complaining, you will have to be punished." Well, that temporarily did the trick.

Then it was time to move on to 'the baby' of the bunch. And for the first time ever, a not-so-nice thought ran through my mind as I was teaching him phonics and he was laying in the floor, rolling this way and that. And shamefully, I will confess it to you- my thought was; "I don't want to teach another child how to read. I'm tired." As quick as I thought it, I couldn't believe it, because I honestly am one of 'those' who would love to have a million kids in my house- but I felt terrible and straightened myself up. ............Which brings me to this past Monday, yesterday. Oh Moms, let me tell you....that little boy has taken flight to reading and this is what he read from the reader: God made man. God made men. Man did sin. Sin made man sad.

Praise the Lord!!!!!! I'm so thankful that God touched that child and allowed Him to learn to read so easily! OH what a day! And, he read the next page to me, then went and sat in his chair trying to read the rest of the book!

2) I share this with you, because I know most of you have younger kiddies and you wonder about what's coming, and almost feel as though it never will. Well, one of my older sons, while being a little pressed by a peer told them "No, my Mom wouldn't let me do that and I would never think of going against her rules." And of course I said; "You said WHAT?" Just so I could hear him say it again. -lol- I was so tickled, as you can imagine, that my 'rules' had actually meant something on this issue to this kid! I'm not bragging here, only trying to encourage you. This kid, and myself, are not perfect. .....The next day, he was in trouble for giving me an attitude over his homework assignment, so much so, that I had to send him to his room until he was ready to come back and follow this: Phil 2:14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings !

(This was one of those toddlers who often wanted to 'win the battle' and he still can be that way as you can see above. However, this stubbornness can be turned for good in their hearts. This child could not easily be persuaded that His God is not real. He's stubborn about that! And I'm grateful!)

If I could share anything more, it would be to simply encourage you other Moms out there! Hard work does pay off! And you really can reap what you sow! Don't give up-hangest thou in there!

To read more Gratituesday posts and/or to let Laura know that you will be praying for her and her family, please visit: http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/blog/?&MMN_position=4:4


The Happy Housewife said...

Great post. I love your confession about your son's reading. I go through that with every kid since the first one I taught to read ended up have a slew of learning disabilities and it took him 5 years to learn to read! God was merciful to me and the next kid taught himself! PTL! I got a bit of a break until now, and I have a reluctant reader... slow and steady... :)
Have a great week!

Char said...

Oh, wonderful post. I have little ones, the oldest just learning to read. I appreciate your encouragement from "having been there". SO helpful! Thanks for joining in Gratituesday at Laura's!

Laura said...

Donna- I really love how you incorporate scripture into everything you do. I've been so encouraged by that.

Traci said...

Great post! I love it when people are unafraid to write about their bad days as well as their good ones. It helps bring things into perspective that none of us lead perfect lives. Reading about others' challenges and how they tackle them with God's help is so encouraging to me.