Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My kids.....

I wonder how other kids get along with their's how mine treat each other....

If you can see this, its obvious what it is, but if you can't -it reads as follows:

Kellan, I kidnapped (kid is marked out and dog is written under it so it reads dognapped) Barky and Spot. (2 very favored stuffed animals, Webkinz in fact.) And I don't know if they are in (arrow drawn pointing up) or if they are in (arrow drawn pointing down).

There is also a drawing, underneath the words, of a very long-haired little girl with a big, naughty grin on her face...hmmm. Wonder if that's a clue on this ransom note?

.....SIGH.......I'm trying so hard to teach them to respect each other's property!
My kids....they don't just take each other's things....they leave notes like a good little home-schooler! I knew teaching them to write would come in handy!

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