Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sometimes I can't take a picture fast enough! Pizza gets gone quick around here!

I love to serve pizza for several reasons:
1- it's pretty easy to clean up
2- healthy- whole wheat crust, lean meats or none, light cheese, and I can smuggle in all kinds of veggies and everybody loves pizza too much to complain!;-)

CRUST: usually use THIS bread recipe

you can use just about anything - anyway

pizza sauce- tomato paste- spaghetti sauce-make a taco pizza and use taco sauce- make a chicken and cheese pizza and use a creamy sauce or cream of chicken or mushroom soup

turkey pepperoni- hamburger- turkey sausage- lean turkey seasoned anyway you like it or just browned- chicken ground or shredded- turkey sausage links sliced in little circles- taco seasoned meat- or none at all

no limits here!

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