Sunday, May 11, 2008

Strawberry Preserves

This is heaven on earth to me! Strawberries for $10 a flat!
Mashed into preserves!

5 cups mashed strawberries
2 cups sugar
1 cup of water
1 package of Sure Gel in the pink box (for low sugar or no sugar recipes)

Mix and cook for 2 minutes and pour into jars.

Niki has instructions for 'canning' on these links:
Her instructions are great for using Mason jars. I knew a lot of my jelly would be gone in a couple of days with this crew, so some of it I just poured in my stash of jars. DO NOT pour into anything plastic!

Here it is on some toast at breakfast. So good, thick with berries!


Niki said...

Oh I am so glad they turned out. Where did you get the recipe for the jelly? I see that you only used 2 cups of sugar and that is less than half of what I use on the low sugar pectin. I know you guys have some more products available. My hubby and I are planning a trip to Maine in 2 weeks for some shopping and I love to go to the grocery stores. There is so many neat things in addition to the savings. I stock up on butter as it is nearly $4 for a slab. Crazy. I make my own but even cream is similar in price. You know another way to store glass jars in the freezer is to ask for some liquour store boxes that have the cardboard seperators in them and they prvent them from banging in to each other. They usually give them away if you ask (sometimes they are wine bottles) I have also seen them when you buy mason jars (in the box) but I have bought the majority of mine from thrift stores so I never had any. Here is my e-mail as sometimes it is easier to send messages that way. take Care Donna

Sonshine said...

oh that looks like heaven on earth!! LOL!!

I miss all of my mom's canning and freezing fruits and veggies!